About me

My name is Lindsay, and I am a rock climber, runner, hiker, camper, human rights advocate, traveler, cyclist, philosophizer, rambler, and I want to share my stories with the hope that more people (especially women) will feel inspired to get outside and pursue their adventure goals! I initially started this blog in 2016 when I moved to Kenya because I wanted to write about my experiences here (I had about 3 followers–my mom and her friends–love you!). The momentum faded and I went about my daily life often struggling to live in the moment. I find that blogging not only helps me stay present and be more intentional about my life choices, but also I realized that as a women, we are often not taken seriously in the outdoors. Inspired by other rad women, I hope to do a small part in promoting equal access in the wilderness and sharing my love for it.


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