Being brave on and off the rock

Recently, I found myself about 50 feet above the ground on a rock climb and about ten feet above my last piece of gear -- which would likely not have held me had I fallen on it -- feeling pumped (when your forearms fill with lactic acid, resulting in difficulty gripping the holds). Instead of... Continue Reading →


Why you should adventure with your mom: Samburu

Mom and I at Diani Beach in May 2016 I received a phone call several months ago; my mom’s partner of 13 years had left her. I felt so far away from her, and so helpless, in that moment. She insisted that she was okay, and so I fought the urge to fly home. But... Continue Reading →

Embracing the chaos

So, here I am in Nairobi. Ever since college, I have dreamed of living in Sub-Saharan Africa, but that's just it - I had been dreaming. Therefore, my expectations consisted of a romantic notion of adventures, finding myself, and changing the world. I think I missed the part about reality, chaos, uncertainty, and the fact that life... Continue Reading →

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